Ingrid Hamster Harris, Historic Costume Designer, painter & glass artist. Ingrid is the designer of interpretive characters, Art Buddies, for the The National Gallery of Canada as well as the genius behind dressing puppets for film and theatre. Ingrid is the recipient of the 2012 Mississippi Mills Cultural Achievement Award!

As Costume Designer and puppet creator for Teatro SEA in New York for 11 productions and production designer for The Colors of Frida, she has been awarded the NY Independent Theater Artists (ATI) award for 2018.

Historic costumes have been a large part of her success for over 40 years. Ingrid’s historic costumes for all ages and Art Buddies character dolls for children are on display during exhibits and being used in educational programs at the The National Gallery of Canada.

ingridharris14@gmail.com  613.256.5577

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