Caravaggio & Children’s Costumes For the National Gallery of Canada

Caravaggio look-alike !

CARAVAGGIO and his followers in Rome was presented exclusively at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, summer 2011.

Visiting of this exhibit could have their picture taken in late 16 early 17 th century costumes Ingrid created!

Children’s Costumes Created For the National Gallery of Canada

At the National Gallery of Canada, costumes in different sizes are available to be worn by children who then scout the Gallery to find the painting in which they recognize themselves! The costumes are stunning reproductions of the clothing people wear in the National Gallery’s artworks. Find the matching artwork, and imagine how your person lived. Take a collector card home as a souvenir. Ingrid has worked with the  Gallery since 2011 to help develop this educational program. Museums, Galleries and private commissions  welcome.  



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